Welcome our Lisbon Squad Team!

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Introducing the Lisbon Upbeaters

It’s finally time for you to meet our amazing UPBEATERs – the students we have handpicked, interview and tested during weeks, and who we finally selected to be part of our team of top students within Tech, Visual Communication, Marketing & Business.

Coming from and representing some of Lisbon’s top Universities like Nova, IADE, ISCTE, and ISEG, we’re extremely excited to have them onboard, and to be able to offer startups a chance to work with them on projects where they will perform their magic.

So now, let’s meet our new crew:

You can also check them all out and get more info in out TEAM section.

Upbeater Dominico Castronovo – Finance, Lisbon

Domenico Castronovo is our finance Upbeater in Lisbon, currently studying a MSc in management at Nova University. He has a huge interest in finance and his dream career is to become CFO at an international company or to start his own company, he values the possibilities to work cross borders and with that see different lifestyles and realities.

What makes Domenico an Upbeater, is his huge passion for what he does. He believes in hard work at the same time as he thinks it’s important to find the balance between work and family. His biggest role model is his father who have done just that – found the important balance.

“I decided to join Upbeater because I believe this company is a great opportunity to gain experience and develop a powerful network. That will for sure help me to achieve my career goals.”

Upbeater Irene Paolinelli
Upbeater Irene Paolinelli – Marketing & Branding Strategist, Lisbon

Irene has a great passion for learning foreign languages, experiencing different cultures and facing personal challenges. For these reasons she studied Tourism Sciences in Italy and now studying Marketing in Lisbon, with the lectures in Portuguese!

Irene think that experiencing different cultures and speaking different languages makes her talent stand out. She believes that the thing that makes her a great talent in her field is coming from a different background, in fact since she comes from the field of Tourism and not from economics or management, that has given her a powerful and different point of view and a different overview of the Marketing field. Also the fact of having experienced to study and to work in different languages: Spanish, Portuguese, English and Italian, helped her to develop amazing communication skills, to be mentally flexible and to be able to make different connections.

“I decided to join Upbeater for challange. Since last year I came into contact with Lisbon Startups ecosystem and I felt that I need to get some experience in Marketing field, I tought it would be interesting being connected with Startups realities. I would appreciate a lot having some experience in Startups connected with Tourism field. Also my intention was building networks with different students coming from different fields and different countries.”

Upbeater Thaís Ferras, Digital Growth Hacker, Lisbon

Thaís is a master degree student in marketing at ISEG in Lisbon. She dreams of working within marketing in a multinational company where she can learn something new everyday and be challenged as a person. Thaís is a top talent because she puts together her soft skills together with the knowledge she has within tech. She finds inspiration in many places, in the news, from the media, from business cases and so on. She loves the new way of companies communicating through social media and follows a lot of companies on a daily basis. Thaís will join Upbeater as our new digital growth hacker.

“Upbeater’s mission as a company is very inspiring, to give students opportunities to get into the market is something very important for the two parts: companies and students. The first one gains when the student bring knowledge and new ideas, for example. On the other hand, students can have the opportunity to learn further about the field/area and win some experience in it.”

Upbeater Joao Menteigas – Fullstack Developer, Lisbon

João is an informatics and business management student at ISCTE-IUL in Lisbon. He is a devoted student that has a lot of enthusiasm in technology and like the fact that the IT world is expanding and with that gives a lot of new opportunities. What makes him thrive within this field is his big interest in development and IT but also the challenges that are presented to developers every day. João is dreaming of experiencing many different areas within IT and he is also interested in working as a freelancer in the future. His biggest inspiration comes from his own dreams and goals but also from people surrounding him that has succeeded with their goals. João is the new fullstack developer at Upbeater and he is very excited to get going with some developing projects that will give him the opportunity to put his skills to the test.

“I made the decision of joining Upbeater at the 2º year of University because I wanted to put the skills that I have learned at work and at the same time gain some professional experience.”

Upbeater Gabriel Ruggiero
Upbeater Gabriel Ruggiero – Content Creator, Lisbon

Gabriel is our Content Creator studying a master in Visual Culture at IADE. Gabriel is a very extroverted and motivated person with a great eye for design. He started working as a designer during the first semester of his bachelor and now he is here in Portugal hoping to start working again soon. Most of Gabriel´s experience in his field is on digital design, it’s something that he is used to doing and he really enjoys.

With 4 years in this area, one of Gabriel´s biggest talent is the speed that I can work with. One of the great things within design is that you can work with any area, technology, food service, medical… So for Gabriel the perfect company that he would loved to work with is one with a good environment. About his role in the group, he would love to be a digital designer or an art director.

“I believe that choosing to become a Upbeater was the right chose right now, they have experience on helping students and startups to connect, and I believe that this will create many opportunities to me to show my work here.”

Upbeater Maria Rego, UX/UI Designer, Lisbon

Maria is a master student in Design Management at IADE Creative University, she has a background in law but is now aiming to become a successful designer. Her dream is to work as a digital nomad and traveling the world at the same time she’s working. She gets her inspiration from powerful women with different backgrounds such as Oprah Winfrey, Malala Yousafzai and Frida Kahlo.

Maria is the new UX/UI designer at Upbeater and what makes her a super talent is her knowledge of living in different countries which had made her very empathic and adaptable. As a UX/UI student Maria believe these two qualities can take you a long way and together with Upbeater she is eager to start new project and try the remote work.

“The reason that I decided to join Upbeater is because it will be my first remote job, with a company that have a mission that inspired me a lot: helping students to grow in their career paths.”

Upbeater Sara Camacho
Upbeater Sara Camacho – Videographer, Lisbon

Sara is a 3rd year student of Communication Sciences at Nova University in Lisbon and is Upbeaters new content creation intern. Her passions is in journalism, photography, videography and creating/editing content. Sara is a great talent because she is always eager to learn and improve her skills, but the main thing that makes her stand out is her creativity and ability to see things from different perspectives.

Sara’s dream career is within television and she is interested in working both behind and in front of the camera. Sara gets her inspiration from a lot of places and people but the biggest inspiration comes from her big interest in the area of television content creation, both photographic or video. Sara is always up for a challenge and that is one of the reasons she decided to join Upbeater.

“What made me decide to join Upbeater was because it is a constant challenge and a great moment to start thinking outside the box and the job market. The opportunity to join Upbeater came to show me that it is possible to join two areas that I like: journalism and content creation. Upbeater is a constant challenge where I can explore areas that I like to work on and put to the test. But above all, for being a startup that has so much to grow and allow me to take the first professional steps with them. Where I learn and test myself.”

And a few more to come! 😀

These students are on their journey to the top and we can guarantee that the future for all of them is very bright. We have seen what they can do, and they’re not even done with their studies.

Now they’re ready to work their magic on your projects, just submit your project or work you want done to us and we’ll deliver it!