Module 2.

Create a clear vision & set goals

After watching the video, complete Task 2 below

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About the Module

In this module, you'll learn how to identify your personal goals and freelance dreams and set a plan for how to achieve them. You’ll get the tools needed to identify and set your freelancing goals (your vision) and to clarify your purpose (your why). 

You’ll also get to create your own actionable and trackable plan that you can work on towards achieving your goals and dreams, all while building a sustainable freelancing business.

What you'll learn

  • Identify your freelance vision
  • Set a clear freelance goal
  • Make your goal measurable
  • Create an action plan
  • Track & evaluate your progress

About the Speaker

Petra Sundell is the Founder & CEO of Upbeater. Throughout her career, she has;

  • Helped 1000+ people find & start living their desired life-career
  • Helped 100+ startups start & grow their businesses
  • Educated freelancers, entrepreneurs & giggers
  • Developed several life design concepts
  • Freelanced 10+ years

      “In the Freelance Foundation course I aim to share my experiences and learnings with people who want to start their own freelancing business. The hope is that you learn key skills that will get ahead of the game and help you avoid pitfalls that I myself and other freelancers I know have fallen in to."

      Upbeater.X Petra Sundell

      Task 2. Create a vision, goals & action plan

      Next, create your own freelance vision, goals & action plan by write down your:

      • VISION – Identify your vision and purpose
      • GOAL - Set your goals in a smart way
      • ACTION PLAN – Write down 3 actions you can take that will help you achieve your goal(s)
        METRICS - Quantify your desirable outcome

      Note. Your vision & goals may change over time, so update it when needed! 


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