Module 4.

Develop an Attractive Offer

After watching the video, complete Task 4 below

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About the Module

In this module, you'll learn how to finetune your offer so that it becomes attractive to your audience by identifying your value, your audience needs, and how you can strategically combine them to increase your revenue. 

This ensures that you solve a real problem and helps you create an offer that provides real value. Once you’ve mastered this, you'll be able to reach the desirable "product-market fit", which is key to successfully growing your business.

What you'll learn

  • Why it's important to have an attractive offer
  • What makes an offer attractive
  • Identify what value you can offer
  • Identify your target audience & their needs
  • Create your own attractive offer

About the Speaker

Petra Sundell is the Founder & CEO of Upbeater. Throughout her career, she has;

  • Helped 1000+ people find & start living their desired life-career
  • Helped 100+ startups start & grow their businesses
  • Educated freelancers, entrepreneurs & giggers
  • Developed several life design concepts
  • Freelanced 10+ years

      “In the Freelance Foundation course I aim to share my experiences and learnings with people who want to start their own freelancing business. The hope is that you learn key skills that will get ahead of the game and help you avoid pitfalls that I myself and other freelancers I know have fallen in to."

      Upbeater.X Petra Sundell

      Task 4. Develop an attractive offer

      It's time for you to create your own attractive offer:

      1. YOUR VALUE - What can you offer and why is it of value?
      2. TARGET AUDIENCE - Who are you selling to & what are their needs & desired outcome?
      3. YOUR OFFER - Put together your offer in 1 sentence: "I help X do X so they can X" (don't forget to ensure it's of value to your future clients)


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