Internship Dreams



The importance of the right internship

We always talk about how important it is to gain quality experiences and building a strong portfolio. But why is this important? And how important is it really?

The answers are many, and we wont talk about them all, but it’s pretty straight forward – you simply practice the learnings you get from school by putting it to use in real scenarios. And by doing so, you learn how to use the theoretical knowledge you’ve aquired to tackle real problems, execute on stuff that will have a real impact and find your role in a real organization in the real world.
And how important it really is? Well, without a proof of ability, someone or something to validate your skills in the field, your chances of scoring that dream job of yours are much lower than if you have real experience to show and someone who would vouch for your talent.

Our Upbeaters has got it figured out!

When we have accepted an Upbeater, we can voche for them and provide a validation for Project Owners that they are working with exceptionally skilled and innovative students. But our Upbeaters also know that it requires dedication, and that hard work is what will pay off. As a proof that our Upbeater’s have been putting in the effort, they have recently gotten impressive offers from great companies to do their internship and projects at. From high growth companies like NA-KD, SYB (Soundtrack Your Brand) and Tobii Technologies, to dream internships at creative agencies in both Stockholm and Paris.

As a final project for her studies within Mobile Interaction at Hyper Island, Michelle was offered an internship at NA-KD, a fashion discovery platform who just closed an impressive round of 14MEUR. At NA-KD, Michelle showed her passion and drive within Web Development and her work was so appreciated she was offered a full time position at NA-KD.

Soundtrack your brand - SYB

From a shortlist of companies, SYB – a Spotify joint venture (who just took in a round of $22M), was on the top of Azur’s dream internships. He knew his skills in business development and new market opportunities could be of value to SYB on their growth journey, applied, and was offered the internship position that will make his portfolio stand out.

As a Human Computer Interactive student at KTH, Ludwig knew he wanted to do an internship within VR. And when he found an exciting opportunity at Tobii Technology, to explore the use of eye tracking in VR & Gaming, he grabbed the opportunity. Ludwig is now helping Tobii Technology become global leaders within the field.

Have you missed how Samir, journalism student at Södertörns Högskola, nailed his dream internship? Samir used visual proof to show his talent by creating a video, improving the SEO, to ended up on top of the google search for “Your next intern”. As a result, Samir was offered a bunch of great internship opportunities and finally went to Spoon Agency. 

French born Gabrielle Pierre, Trade & Business Development student at Kedge Business School, is focused on building an international carrer. She’s been securing internships in both Canada and Sweden, and now in Paris where she’s now doing an internship with Extreme Sensio, to help them improve their business development efforts. 

We’re very proud of the hard work that our amazing Upbeaters have put in to get their dream internships which are helping them get one step closer to reaching their career goals in the future. 

Now it’s your turn to shine!

If you’re a telented and driven student; 

If you’re not a student, but know a talented student who deserves to be vouched for and get closer to reaching their career goals, don’t forget to nominate them.

And for Project Owners, here’s a hint:
As some of our awesome Upbeaters are soon done with school, it means they will soon be available for hire. If they are not yet “taken” by their intership host, this is a great opportunity to secure highly talented and driven talent for your team!
If you want to get in tough with any of our Upbeaters, just let us know!