Reflecting upon another great year – 2017


Reflecting upon another great year - 2017

What we have accomplished

Accomplishments and success is of course a subjective definition that we ourselves set the criteria for. For us at Upbeater, success is when we manage to connect students and projects that will not only result in immediate wins for both, but create synergies and value for a log time.

Being continued collaborations, access to new connections and networks, getting new input, acquiring new knowledge and experiences, it all count. As long as it help the student and the project get one step closer to reaching their own accomplishment goals, it’s success to us.

Here’s a few highlights from another great year:

Former Upbeater Karl Petter Svensson, front-end developer from Stockholm, was hired by the Stockholm based real estate startup,

We met Karl-Petter during the Spring as he was just in the beginning of his studies of the Computer Science program at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Coming from a completely different background, Karl Petter didn’t have much experience working as a front end developer. But following his passion for React, an opportunity to take on a 4 month internship with an Upbeater project at opened up. During the summer internship, Karl Petter did an amazing job and grew a lot as a developer. As a result, decided to hire him directly after the internship ended.  

At the same time, got the opportunity to “test” working with a passionate and driven young talent for a fraction of the cost to hire a professional developer. This gave them the chance to evaluate Karl Petter’s skills before deciding to hire him. Once they did hire him, they knew what they were getting, something that is very valuable for a startup where new hires can be extremely hard, costly and risky.

Upbeater Ludwig Sidenmark, Software Dev. & Interactive Designer from Stockholm on his way to reach his dreams

We also want to thank Ludwig Sidenmark for a fantastic job developing NOWO’s website, app and plugin during 2017. When we connected with Ludwig back in 2016, he barely had any experience as a developer. Now it’s amazing to see that after starting his work at NOWO, Ludwig doesn’t lack offers. He’s since completed a dream internship at Tobii Technology within VR and Gaming and gotten accepted into the graduate program at Capgemini. And as the cherry on top, Ludwig was just accepted into a PhD fellowship in England sponsored by Sony Interactive Entertainment, focusing on researching Eye-gaze Interaction in Virtual Reality Games.

Together we can do it

We’re extremely proud of what we’ve created together with our Upbeaters and projects during another great year. This is really what it’s all about and what makes us so passionate about what we do.

And to answer the question that we have gotten a lot throughout the year “what’s the catch?”… there’s no catch. To be an enabler, a helping hand, a connector and an springboard into the future for any student or project we see potential in is truly an amazing feeling. And when working with like minded, hard working people with the same passion for their area as we have to support it, magic will happen!  

“Thank you so much for everything! I’m super happy that you reached out to me and gave me the opportunity to work with NOWO. I have learned so much during the year I was there and it has been great fun!” – Upbeater Ludwig Sidenmark, Software Dev. & Interactive Designer