Upbeater in Spotlight – Project Manager, Azur Jasarevic


Azur Jasarevic
Introducing Up-and-Coming Project Manager;
Azur Jasarevic
from Sweden!

To highlight our amazing Upbeater’s exceptional, innovative and unique skills, we’re dedicating all of them a blog post. This time, we’re very happy and proud to put Azur Jasarevic in the Spotlight!

Who is Azur Jasarevic? The Formal Intro

Azur is a goal centered Industrial Engineering student specializing in Strategy and Management. He’s extremely driven, challenge seeking and passionate about working with people in projects of all sizes. He values professionalism, thoroughness and social skills, and he’s always in search of new opportunities to enhance his personal development.

So what really makes Azur an Upbeater?

We have no doubt that Azur will go far in life. With an extensive knowledge of Project Management, Business Development and Sales, his professionalism towards projects, and the ease of working together with Azur and trust that he delivers over expecations, Azur is a natural Upbeater who will bring enormous value to any project he works on. You can check out his work here.

In his own words

We also asked Azur why he chose to become an Upbeater, what in his own oppinion makes his skills unique and what his plans are for the future:

  1. Why Upbeater?
    Upbeater allows me to develop my professional and personal skills by connecting me with unique and interesting people and projects. I believe that this is the best way to increase my chances of reaching my long term goals.
  2. What makes your skills unique? In other words, what makes you an Upbeater?
    I have a broad educational and multilingual foundation combined with a strong will to achieve high results and a passion to reach my goals.
  3. How does your dream future look?
    My dream is to start my own business, ideally delivering an innovative tech service and focusing on creating a strong and sustainable company culture.
What next?

Accepting Azur as on Upbeater means we’ve set out on a mission to represent him towards projects who are looking for his unique skillset, to help him gain relevant experiences and practical knowledge, build a powerful portfolio and get the right contacts that will take him one step closer of reaching his dreams of starting and running a successful innovative tech company!

As a next step on the journey, Azur is looking to apply his knowledge within iternationalization with a focus on new market and product entry towards a new challanging project for his Master Thesis. Are you ready to explore new market opportunties? View Azur’s full portfolio or Hire him here