Upbeater in Spotlight – Digital Media & Motion Creative, Nila Latimore


Nila Latimore Upbeater Profile
Introducing Up-and-Coming Digital Media & Motion Creative;
Nila Latimore
 from Stockholm & Boston!

To highlight our amazing Upbeater’s exceptional, innovative and unique skills, we’re dedicating a blog post to each of them. And as 2016 is coming to an end, we can’t think of anyone else to put in the Spotlight in our final post for the year than the amazingly creative and talented Upbeater Nila Latimore!

Who is Nila Latimore? – The Formal Intro

Nila is a Digital Media and Motion Creative who love working her creative juices, which is shown in all her Communication work from content to graphic design to UX , photograhy and video. She’s passionate about tailoring visually pleasing designs and create work that inspire and influence people! Individuality, honesty, bringing a fresh perspective and finding creative solutions is what Nila deliver.

So what really makes Nila an Upbeater?

Nila is an extremely creative and talented person, and there is no stop to her devotion to deliver out-of-the-box solutions and impecible results! With a broad background in creative media, Nila has successfully accumulated an impressive set of skills which can be explored in her portfolio. Nila is also a very pleasent individual to work with and is a star when it comes to balancing customers requests with her own experience and expertise in the field.

In her own words

We also asked Nila why she chose to become an Upbeater, what in her own oppinion makes her skills unique, and what her plans are for the future:

  1. Why Upbeater?
    Upbeater works well with getting clients that will be valuable to me and my skills. They expand my network and connect me with amazing opportunities.
  2. What makes your skills unique? In other words, what makes you an Upbeater?
    I have a variety of skills that support each other and my overall goals. Copywriting, photography, graphic design, motion graphics, rotoscoping, 3D design… these hard skills in addition to my knowledge of networking, client relations, group development and team dynamics help me to focus on my goals in becoming a creative director. They all are helping me to keep my focus on my future goals and give me a unique edge in this industry.
  3. How does your dream future look?
    I hope in the future, I will have a VFX showreel I’m extremely proud of, clients I believe in, and in a studio with a great culture and amazing people that inspire me to work hard and have fun every day.
What´s next?

Accepting Nila as an Upbeater means that we’ve set out on a mission to represent Nila towards projects who are looking for her unique skillset within Digital Media & Motion. By making sure that clients with highly relevant projects know about Nila and what she can deliver, we increase Nila’s opportunities to gain the right experiences, build a powerful portfolio and establish the right contacts. We hope that this will empower Nila to grow a strong client base which will take her closer to reaching her career dreams!
Are you ready to take your Digital Media or Motion project to the next level? Then you’ll love welcoming Nila as part of the process! View Nila’s full portfolio or Hire her here!