Upbeater Interns are officially here


Upbeater Interns

We’re very happy to officially have formalized and launched our Upbeater Interns section that we soft-launched earlier in 2017

This means that students who are Upbeaters in their mindset, drive, passion, talent and innovative thinking, but who are a little bit earlier in their education or on their professional journey, can now also get representation from us. And even better, they can grow with us to become full-fledged Upbeaters after completing a successful internship which means that we can support the students longer.  

It also means that project owners now have the possibility to work with students with the same qualifications as our Upbeaters, but to an even better price. All it takes it that you as a project owner give a little more support and guidance to the Upbeater Interns in return.

What else gets us excited about this?
It supports our philosophy!
  1. Getting the right start will improve someone’s chances of succeeding exponentially
  2. It’s impossible to gain talent from experience. Ignoring people because they lack experience is a waste of talent  
  3. Money is not the only form of payment. For some early projects, alternative compensation models could be a make-it-or-break-it matter. 

We’re positive that this offer will be a great addition to our existing service, especially since we see a miss-match in the Internship culture in some areas. In these scenarios, interns are not used to their full potential which causes both the company and the intern to be unsatisfied with the internship.  Time is wasted on both ends, the cost becomes too high, and the value too low.

This is unnecessary, and by taking a grip on the market we believe that we can contribute to make a change!

For companies:
  • We pre-screen and qualify our Interns so you don’t have to spend time looking and screening students to find the perfect candidates.
  • By matching our interns with the right skills for your company’s needs, we make sure the Upbeater Interns can deliver quality and valuable results.
  • We structure the internships as projects from start to makes it clear, organized and easy to follow the progress. This means less administrative effort will be required from your end, yet the chances of better deliverables and outcomes increase.   

If you wish to work with one of our Upbeater Interns you can check out their profiles here.
If you don’t find what you’re looking for or just want to know more,
contact us instead.   

For students:
  • We find the projects for you so you don’t have to waste time looking.
  • We make sure that the projects are relevant and in line with what you want to become.
  • By structuring the internship into a project, we make sure you’ll be focusing on qualitative assignments, can show off your skills, and that you get qualitative takeaways from your internship in return.  

If you’re a student interested in becoming an Upbeater Intern, you can read more and apply here.