Upbeater to launch in Sweden


Since the start, Upbeater has been focusing on establishing the name in the US, and more specifically in Los Angeles where Upbeater started. However, with a Swedish founder who has a deep understanding of the Swedish market, Upbeater is now expanding its existence to Sweden as well.

Sweden is a much more mature market when it comes to services similar to what Upbeater is offering. The benefit that brings is that Sweden understands what we’re doing and is ready to embrace the concept immediately which can provide a shortcut to becoming a market key-payer. The challenge is to positioning ourselves in the market space with the message that we’re different from the traditional recruitment and consulting firm that both companies and students are used to.” says Petra Sundell, CEO.

The US still remains one of the most important markets for the future. “Once we have an established concept in Sweden, it will be much easier to continue our development of Upbeater in the US and reach the big market that is starting to awaken.” Petra, summarizes. The official launch date is not set yet even though Upbeater will be operating in Sweden starting from today.

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