Why talent should be what you look for, not location!



Is anyone else tired of ”settling” with a candidate just because they happened to be the best out of the people who spotted and applied to an open position that you announced? Have you ever though about the opportunities to actually find the perfect candidate that you miss out when you decide to “go whith what you get”? Or maybe you’ve ignored that though all together?

If you did, we put no blame on you. On the contrary, we understand why you chose to ignore it as we know how frustrating that feeling can be. Actually in many cases it’s probably better to avoid thinking about it. I mean who really have time, resources and strength to browse the whole market in fare of missing out? That will lead nowhere.

Limitations are not your answer

What that feeling does though, is to creates a need to set limitations for ourselves, like deadlines to finalize the process and geographic locations to stay within. Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, this is normal! We all do it to be able to grasp and handle the overwhelming situation that can occur otherwise. And we do it because this is the best way we know to get the ball rollin, to close the deal and start the actual work. After all, finding talent takes A LOT OF TIME.

However, just because you avoid the though of having missed out on talent or because you set up limitations for yourself or your team to get to action and results faster, it doesn’t mean that this issue doesn’t exist.

Timing is one thing…

…it’ll always play a big role in everything we do. It’s like luck, it just got to exist and we have to learn to live with it or actively search for it. But what I cannot understand is that in a digital era like this, where cars drive by their own and we’re engaged in virtual worlds and robots with only our imagination setting the limits to what we can do, that we still narrow our search for talent by geographic locations.

Upbeater believe that talent exist everywhere. And we believe that talented people within the digtal space can do as good of a job from anywhere, if not better. We also believe in the power of all the technical tools designed to help us create a successful remote working environment, (see some tips in the end).

That’s why we make sure our Upbeaters are available to help you with your projects needs, no matter where in the world your project is based and no matter where our Upbeaters are located. And to make it easier for you to cope with the idea that the talent pool would be too grand and to hard to handle if we eiminate the graphic locations limitation, we have sources the global talent pool for you. And from our serach we represent the most talented students in their fields form different parts of the world, ready to take your project to the next level!

Some useful tools for remote work (also used by Upbeater):
  • Slack – brings all your communication together in one place. It’s real-time messaging, archiving and search for modern teams
  • Trello – a project management tool that gives you perspective over all your projects and keep you and the team on track.
  • Appear.in – a video conference tool without signups. Just jump into a room and start discussing.
  • Skype – video chat and free calls. A lot of people use Slack why it’s works well for global calls.
  • HubSpot – a CRM system that makes it easy to organize, track, and grow your contacts and pipelines.