We offer services within App & Web Development, Visual Communication, Marketing and Business.

Project Packages.

Why complicate it with a lot of industry terms and knotty details when all you need is a great result to a great price?
That’s what our packages are for! Choose from our pre-made packages or let us know what you need and we’ll customize a package for you.

Ongoing services.

Some work are simply handled on an ongoing basis, like Social Media Management, Community Management, Accounting, recurring IT tasks, etc. Our ongoing services will take care of these needs. You can subscribe for 3, 6 or 12 months from as little as 1h/week.

Reversed Education.

No matter how experienced or skilled someone is, there are always things to be learned and new trends to catch up with. In our reversed education services we’re letting our talented, innovative and new-thinking students become the experts, the educators, and the facilitators.


Summer time is the best time to finally get those “when we have time” projects done and prepare for a successful Fall!
Here’re some hot basic packages made for you and priced with our best summer rate.


✓ Home page
✓ 1-3 Info pages
✓ Contact form
✓ Social & Newsletter
Now 7.995 SEK

Your website is your window to the world, and often people's first encounter with your offering before they decide engage. Make it count!
Time about 1 week



✓ Moodboard
✓ Filming/Animating
✓ Editing
✓ Sound
Now 7.999 SEK

One of the best ways to capture your audience's interest is through video. Easy, engaging and inspiring, it will likely increase your attractiveness.
Time about 1 week



✓ User research & profiling
✓ UX Prototype
✓ UI Design
✓ Testing
Now 11.995 SEK

Looking to create a new UX/UI design, redesign your app or website, or create a prototype? Carefully thinking about the user experience from start is important.
Time 1-2 week.



✓ Current situation
✓ Market research
✓ Business Model
✓ Financial Planning
Now 11.995 SEK

A good financial strategy, budget, audit and analysis can be the different between success and failure, yet many oversee it's importance. Make sure you're on top!
Time 1-2 weeks



✓ Market research
✓ Positioning
✓ Mood board
✓ Visual Identity
Now 19.995 SEK

Make sure your audience recognize you by your colors and the your communication. Building a brand is rewarding when you do it right.
Time about 4 weeks



✓ Graphic design
✓ 30-45 sek video
✓ 6 photos
✓ Copywriting
Now 19.995 SEK

Load up with content that you can use online, in marketing materials, prints, presentation and to share with anyone curious to know more about what you do.
Time about 4 weeks



✓ Market research
✓ SEO/Keywords
✓ Campaign
✓ Analytics
Now 23.995 SEK

Find it hard to stand out and reach through the buzz? We'll help you get to know your audience, test, analyse results and implement learnings to increase conversion.
Time 4-6 weeks



✓ Market research
✓ Customer segmenting
✓ Business modelling
✓ Sales strategy
Now 23.995 SEK

Increasing revenue and reaching target is key for success, profit and growth, as much as to impress stakeholders. Let's blow them away!
Time 4-6 weeks



✓ UX/UI Design
✓ Development
✓ Deployment
✓ Testing
Now 34.995 SEK

Do you really need an app? Well we can't ignore the fact that having an app is basically seen as given like you'll have a website today. So why not get one?!
Time about 8 weeks



Let us know what you need help with, and we'll get back to you with a suggestion.
Now up to 30% off

- Development
- Visual Comms.
- Marketing
- Business
Estimate time upon request


Ongoing Services.

We're offering ongoing, virtual services as subscription within; Social Media Management, Content Creation, Development, Accounting, etc. Basically anything that is not a project but needs work on an ongoing basis.

The price mentioned is for the smallest need of 4h/months. It's flexible and will be adjusted according to your specific need. 

  • 3 months

    From 1.595 sek/month.

  • 6 months subscription

    From 1.495 sek/month.

  • 12 months subscription

    From 1.395 sek/month.

Reversed education.


We’re offering presentations, workshops and speaking engagements on the latest within our 4 main areas; Development, Visual Communication, Marketing & Business. For specific topics, check out the request form below.

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Reversed Mentoring

Make sure to stay on top of the game and keep up with the latest trends, technology, marketing and innovation. Get your own reversed mentor, an up-and-coming talent in the filed you want to stay up-to-date with.

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Knowledge hub

Want a sneak peak into the current school world? Here’s your chance. We’re offering exclusive access to our student knowledge hub where our team share their knowledge, answer questions and update you on the latest in their field.

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