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  • Connect with students in Business, Development, Marketing, & Visual Communication who're eager to help you grow
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  • Get their fresh perspectives, input & creative ideas
  • Access an international community of Gen Z's who can help you expand to new markets
  • Find students to help with your gigs & projects

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Oriane Eymery - Strategic Marketing Student

Hi, I'm Orine, a French marketer specializing in Social Media, content creation, and strategic marketing. Would love to help you with yours!

Roman Pikalenko - Growth Marketing Student

Hey, I'm a Russian native living in Helsinki. I'm open to help any impact startup grow their business through digital marketing & social selling.

Kai Hofer - Business & Management Student

Hey, Kai here. I'm looking to connect with Social Startups who could benefit from marketing and analytical skills. Hit me up in the Society if you want to chat!

For forward-thinking Students

Student support

Why join?

  • Connect with impact-driven startups
  • Collaborate with them to develop value driven innovation
  • Find internships, gigs, and projects to work on and gain real life working experience
  • Develop your skills through idea sharing & knowledge exchange
  • Grow your network of startup founders and other international students

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Startup members waiting to collaborate with you


Ihopa offers a solution which makes it possible to consume in a more sustainable way - through co-owning! If you're intersted in supporting their vision, they'd be happy to chat!


SmartFarmer is a direct to consumer marketplace for producers, making it possible for you to buy fresh, quality produce while support small farmers! They'd love to hear your e-comms tips.


How is your food feeling? Innoscentia's sensors knows! On a mission to disrupt the current best-before-systems, Innoscentia is open to collaborate with innovative and creative talent!

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