The Upbeater Society is a place for collaboration between students and startups with a shared ambition to develop creative solutions, build tomorrows companies*, & grow as individuals and businesses in the process. *Companies with a positive impact on society. 

Thanks to a driven and active community with a give-and-take mentality, the Upbeater Society is a great place to share knowledge, build your network, get insights into the latest trends, get help with your questions or projects, and develop.


STARTUPS  join the Society to get input and help with things that they’re working on, problems they face and questions they have from students who have a fresh and creative outlook, knows about the latest trends in their field, want to put their talent to use, and are driven to show off their skills. As a startup member, you can get support by; 

  1. Asking questions or asking for feedback/input in the dedicated field channels
  2. Post gigs* (*smaller/shorter jobs) in the dedicated field channels or as a DM (direct message)

See more about how to ask questions and post gigs along with examples in the STARTUP FAQs.

STUDENTS  join the Society to collaborate with other students and startups on creative, innovative and impactful ideas and solutions, exchange knowledge, gain experience, learn, and grow their network. The Society is a chance for you to show others your talent, drive and ambition, and can do it by;

  1. Actively answering questions to show their expertise in the area, getting their name seen
  2. Reply with relevant skills and availability for any gig post they’re interested in  

See more about how to reply to questions and gigs along with examples in the STUDENT FAQs.


Our community is currently live in Slack; 
When you join the Society in Slack, please set up your username and profile so that people see who you are. 

  1. Add a profile picture or logo and add a small description of who you are and why you’re here 
  2. Set your display name to; 
    • Students - "name_fieldofstudy_countryletters" e.g. "ana_marketing_SE" (mandatory)
    • Startups - "name_companyname_countryletters" e.g. "ana_Upbeater_PT"
      If you don't want to display company name, use "name_startup_countryletters"

+ It’s important that you set up notifications correctly so that you don’t miss an important message!

If you want more info about how Slack works & how to set it up, you can read more here


When you join Slack we encourage you to join the channels that you find interesting. You’ll find all channels available in the left sidebar (click “Channels” to see all, and then click “Join Channel”). Here’s a quick overview of the most important channels and what they’re used for;      

  • General - You’ll be automatically added to this channel. It’s managed and curated by our Community Management. If you want us to share something for you in this channel, please send it in DM to @society.manager who decides what’s being posted.
  • Field specific channels - If you’re a startup and have a question or need help with a gig, feel free to post it in the corresponding field channel and the students will reply to it.
    • Business - Biz dev., sales, project mgmt, business planning, finance, etc.
    • Development - Frontend, backend, fullstack, app dev., ML, data science etc.
    • Marketing - Social media, growth hacking, campaigns, copywriting, strategy, etc. 
    • Visual Communication - Graphic design, UX/UI, visual identity, videography, etc.
  • Country specific channels - As we grow we will add more country specific channels, to be able to share news, events, etc. only relevant to that country (to avoid spamming the rest). Here you can also meet local students and startups, and get country/language specific tips.
  • Support -  Need help with anything or have a question? You can post it in this support channel. For private matters, please DM @society.manager or email
  • Students - This channel is for students only. Connect with others, discuss, and share knowledge with students from other fields and parts of the world.

You can also send DM’s, (direct messages) to others in Slack, e.g. to;

  • society.manager - send a message to our Community Management Team with any private questions you may have, or content you want to share with the community
  • Others - you can also DM others in the community. Please note that a DMs need to be of relevance not to be considered spam, so be cautious about who you DM and why. 


We want the Society to feel welcoming and open, free and supportive and a place that you find valuable to help you grow as a business or individual. We don’t believe in enforcing too many rules, and our Community Management is simply here to ensure a good experience for everyone. 

Here are just a few things to keep in mind when using the Society;

  • “Take and give” means; use the Society to get help with any questions you may have, and share your knowledge and experiences (content, feedback, comments, answers, opportunities, etc.) in return whenever possible. This way you’ll contribute to helping others grow and succeed. 
  • Use a positive, supporting language when engaging with others. 
  • No negative, condescending comments on others' posts will be accepted. However, constructive feedback is encouraged when relevant. 
  • Startups - be respectful to the students time and engagement so they don’t feel used
  • Students - don’t DM companies unless you’ve previously been in contact or it’s highly relevant so it doesn’t come off as spam
  • Don’t share things that’s been shared in the Society outside the community unless you’ve been given an approval to do so


    The Society is a closed community for selected members and we ask all members to be respectful towards others in the community and to not share or spread information that you’ve gained access to through the Society externally.
    We do our best to make sure this is followed. However, we can never guarantee that information that’s shared within the Society does not spread anywhere else. Please be cautious about what you share and be aware that you’re responsible for the information you share.


      Anyone not conforming to these rules will be removed from the Society. 

      💛/ The Upbeater Society Team
      #onestepcloser #forthesociety

      Email -
      Slack - @society.manager