[up·beat·er] Tomas Wändahl
Frontend Developer | Stockholm

Tomas is an engeneering student in the beginning of a promising career. He’s an enthusiast of most things related to information techology and web development, with a special passion for frontend development and web design. Combined with his interpersonal skills developed from working with sales and support, Tomas is a team player who understands the customer journey from which he draws inspiration. Tomas will fit in perfectly in projects where he’s challanged to contribute to direct results, and where he’s also encourage to learn and grow as a developer.

In addition to his top skills, Tomas has experience from using Vue.js, Laravel, Bulma, and AdobeXD.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Developing a great user experience and visual attracting site is key!
[up·beat·er] Clara Helmertz Cane
Digital Media Creative | Stockholm

Clara is driven by the motivation to create things that gets her excited. She loves expressing herself in paintings, graphic design, and photography as it makes her visually see her dreams and goals take form. While Ggraphic design is what Clara has been focused on the most, the has lately come to find an interest in the entire concept development related to brand identity. Her curiosity and open mindset, eagerness to learn by meeting new people and eperiencing new things in life is her source of inspiration.

Visual & Conceptual Ideas
  • I have the creativity to shapre your offer into a visual beauty!