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How does the accelerator work, really?

A fun way to realize your freelance dreams


Our Freelance Accelerator is designed to help you reach your freelance dream faster and with better chances of succeeding than if you’d do it alone.

It’s done in 4 steps, and your mission is to level up as quickly as you can so you can start living the freelance life you want asap!


What do I get from the different levels?

Level 1

Get connected with likeminded and expand your network of freelancers!

Level 1 includes: 

  • Free community membership
    • Meet other freelancers
    • Get access to freelance resources
    • Get invites to community events
  • 20% discount on all Courses

Level 2

Get ready to start by setting a clear goal, creating an attractive offer, and pricing it!

Level 2 includes:   

Everything in level 1 +

  • Preparation workshop
    • Help to set a clear goal
    • Help to create your offer
    • Help to price your offer
  • A sharable Offer to get you started

Level 3

Get guidance, tips, exposure and sales support to help you land your first client!

Level 3 includes:

Everything in level 2 +

  • Verified status & promotion
  • Guidance to help you land your first client
  • Support channel & coaching calls
  • Access to open freelance jobs
  • Invitations to match making events

Level 4

Get help with admin stuff so you can focus on working with your clients!

Level 4 includes:

Everything in level 3 +

  • Access to the Business Hub
  • Help with legal admin such as project- and employment contracts
  • Help with financial admin such as employment related costs and bookkeeping
  • Reporting of earnings and payment of taxes
  • Insurance during work

What about the price?

We only take a cut when you start invoicing, not before!

Joining Upbeater is completely free - No upfront cost, no hidden fees, no monthly pay. 
We simply make money when you make money. Call it a win-win!

Commission level 1

In the beginning, when you might need a little more help, you pay 15% of your invoiced amount.
You keep 85%!

Doughnut 10%

Then, when you reach 100.000 sek in total invoiced amount, you only pay 10% for the same service.
You keep 90%!

Commission level 2

And when you get to 500.000 sek in total invoiced amount, you get the same support for only 5%!
You keep 95%!

*The fee (%) includes community membership, workshops, coaching calls, support in finding and signing your first freelance job as well as business admin and member discounts!

Just want to take the course?

If you prefer to study on your own without support you can buy our Freelance Foundation Course separately for 3990 sek (€399). Or you can pick and choose Modules for 499 sek (€49) each.

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