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Companies we have worked with:

  • Bonnier News bostad by Upbeater
  • Nowo by Upbeater
  • Beamingo by Upbeater
  • hittahem.se by Upbeater
  • Braive by Upbeater

  • Myrspoven by Upbeater

  • Kfactory by Upbeater

  • ComOn by Upbeater

  • Sup46 by Upbeater
  • Redmind by Upbeater

We help our clients with all their Marketing, Branding & Design needs; from taking the right positioning to developing a brand strategy, creating the supporting design assets, creating content, growing and nurturing the companies communities, and attracting new business through both organic and paid digital marketing.

See some examples of work we've done below.


Developed & Implemented new Social Media & Growth Hacking Strategies for Ett tak

Ett tak is a new type of housing service, a Swedish startup for house-sharing/co-living. They aim to help more people feel comfortable while sharing their homes. It is a matching service developed together with and primarily for students who need a room to rent in the place of study and senior people who have spare space in their home. Ett tak also believes that win-win situations arise in meetings across generational boundaries - a vision that our team gladly supports!

As Ett tak's extended Marketing department, we developed, planned, and activated growth hacking activities with the aim to match more people and help them find a home. Throughout the collaboration we helped Ett tak with; Marketing, Audience Mapping, Branding, Content Creation (graphic design elements & copywriting), Social Media Planning & Activation, A/B testing of Campaigns, Analytics & Optimization.


  • Establishment of Ett tak's Instagram presence
  • Exponentially increased exposure through Facebook campaigns
  • Evolved branding identity & visual communication
  • Defined target audience based on insights
  • Identified activities for best ROI based on data

Helped HittaHem.se become more Visually Attracting

HittaHem is a Swedish digital matchmaking solution for buyers and sellers of homes. By focusing on the pre-sale market (houses that will become for sale in the future), HittaHem aims to help more people find their dream home, and more sellers get the price they want - a vision that our team gladly supports!

With the purpose of improving HittaHem's visual identity and modernize its look and feel to increase user engagement and conversion, we re-designed and touch up the UX and UI of HittaHem.se (web & mobile). We also did a holistic re-touch of HittaHem's graphic profile and implemented new design elements across multiple assets such as email and ads for a better brand coherency.


  • New, modernized web design with a fresh perspective
  • Improved UX and UI for easier engagement
  • Recognizable brand elements across platforms

By hiring an extended team to help with their visual communication, HittaHem's product and tech teams were also able to focus their attention on continuing to build a powerful product.


Helped KFactory get accepted into an Accelerator Program & Raise a Pre-Seed round

KFactory is a Romanian/Portuguese Industry 4.0 start-up that disrupts the manufacturing industry and innovates the performance management of the production line. Their mission to democratize access to internal data by removing the existing knowledge barriers inside a factory is a mission that our team is happy to support!

With the aim to get accepted into an accelerator program where the application process included certain requirements, such as an explainer video, we helped KFactory produce an explanatory, brand-related, animated short video. Work included branding, animation design, editing of; scenes, music, and voice-over according to the script, as well as looking into improvements and suggestions for future marketing and branding needs.

Thanks to our teams' flexibility and varied skill set, we were able to quickly produce and deliver the content needed for KFactory to get accepted into the accelerator program, and consequently, raise a pre-seed round.

"The Upbeater Team is fast, affordable, and professional. I'd totally recommend Upbeater to all the startups out there." - Adrian Dima, KFactory

Helping Social Industries Monitor and Manage their client's Social Media accounts across Europe

Social Industries is a leading digital agency with a base in Sweden. They work with a wide variety of clients in different industries and markets. With expertise in production for Social Media, Social Industries are on a quest to change people’s perspectives when it comes to social media advertising, bringing it to the forefront of your company's strategy - a vision that our team gladly supports!

As Social Industries extended team of international marketers, community managers, and copywriters, we're monitoring and managing the social media accounts for two of Social Industries' clients in 7 markets across Europe; Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Norway, and Sweden.

2.5 years in, we continue to successfully monitor and manage the Facebook and Instagram accounts for Social Industries clients in different languages and for different markets, adapting our work to fit the different industries ranging from health care/pharmaceutical to beauty care.  

"With our extended Upbeater Team we're able to expand our reach across many more specialties and markets." - David Hofman-Bang, Social Industries

Upbeater Community Mgmt. Social Industries Henkel

Supported BGI with Marketing expertise as their extended team

BGI, Building Global Innovators, is a Portuguese based world-class accelerator that successfully takes innovation further by working with and connecting startups, corporates & investors - a vision that our team gladly supports!

As BGI's extended Marketing team, we helped them plan, create and execute marketing activities for one of their clients; an incubator program developed by a world-leading telecommunication company, with the aim to increase engagement and grow the following base. Our work included: Annual and quarterly Marketing Strategies, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing (Facebook and LinkedIn), Copywriting, Analytics, Reporting & Optimization.

By supporting BGI with expertise within Marketing, BGI was able to offer a more comprehensive and specialized solution to their client, resulting in:

  • +71.8% follower increase on LinkedIn
  • +10.4% follower increase on Facebook
  • +6.23% engagement increase on Facebook

"Upbeater has a young and energetic team, that sets your goals as their maximum priority, delivering what is promised." - Sofia Fernandes, BGI

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