It’s 2023 – Your Freelance Vision Matters more than ever!

Petra SundellUpbeater.X

Let’s be honest. Freelancing is not the easiest way to reach success. It requires a lot of hard work, the ability to wear many hats, being able to network, sell, deliver the work, follow up, dealing with clients, handling conflict resolution, taking care of administration and operations… just to name a few of the tasks involved in becoming a solopreneur. To succeed takes stamina, undivided dedication and multitasking capabilities deluxe. 

So why do more and more people want to start freelancing, despite all the work required?

Well, while some might do it because of the excitement of starting their own business and proving that they can do it, it is not a sustainable reason. If that’s the only reason you’re in business, your business is likely to be short lived. Because once you’ve proven yourself, what happens then? What’s gonna keep you going, even in tough times? 

The answer is: your freelance vision!

What’s a freelance vision?

A freelance vision is a freelancer’s ultimate goal and reason for existence. It’s what you as a freelancer dream to achieve on a high level, in the future. It’s your WHY, and usually, it is the same reason that made you decide to start freelancing in the first place. 

A freelance vision is personal and it varies from person to person. Some dream of spending more time with their family while others want to find more meaning and purpose with their work. Some might aim to make more money, dream to control their own schedule or to be location independent.  

Identifying your own freelance vision will be key to your success!

Why your freelance vision matter, now more than ever

As a freelancer, you are choosing the “high-risk-high-reward” path compared to the employment path. Congrats, it takes guts, especially in today’s unstable economy. 

But this is not about bravery. No one in their right mind would accept the higher risks without an attractive outcome in mind. The outcome is your freelance vision, and it should be so attractive to you that you’ll accept the risks and challenges you’ll face along the way of achieving it. 

Having a clear freelance vision will therefore be key. It’ll;

  1. Give you purpose – Without a clear WHY, it’s easy to lose motivation and a sense of purpose of why you do what you do. It’s therefore extremely important that you define your WHY. It’ll help you feel connected to what you do, not only from a professional standpoint, but also from a personal perspective. And your clients will also feel more connected to you and your purpose.
  2. Guide you – Your freelance vision will act as your north star. It’s the foundation of your business and everything you do should support your freelance vision. If it doesn’t, you should not entertain it. That way, your freelance vision helps you make the right decision, keeping you on track towards achieving your dream.
  3. Be your best friend – As a freelancer you can’t lean on other people’s or company’s vision, brand, product, community, or goal – you need to set our own! Frankly, we like to take it so far as to say that your freelance vision should become like your best friend. It should inspire you, support you, guide you. You should be able to lean on it, and it should be with you all the way to the finish line. It should be your most solid companion throughout your business endeavours! 

How to identify your own freelance vision

There are many ways to do this, and you can use different formulas to write down your own vision statement (to get inspiration, you can google freelance vision statements).

But the most important thing is not how you do it, but that you define it and write it down. Also, remember that your freelance vision is your personal dream, no one else’s. So make sure that it’s what YOU want, and that YOU feel connected to it, not because someone else wants it for you.  

We also encourage you to dream big, think outside the box, and go wild! Your vision is only limited to your imagination. 

To get you started, here are 3 questions to consider when you’re setting your freelance vision:

  1. What’s going to keep you working and push through even in tough times?
  2. What’s going to keep you up at night dreaming about it?
  3. What’s gonna make you so proud you can’t stop talking about it?  

If you want more help, feel free to join our freelance accelerator! You’ll learn how to set a clear vision and goals, and you’ll also get input and feedback on it so that you can nail your own freelance vision for 2023! 

And then what?

Once you have your freelance vision identified, we recommend that you start setting up goals that will help you achieve your vision! There are many tools for vision setting and goal setting and tracking out there, you can for example google SMART goals, VISION STATEMENTS, or check out these goal setting templates by Notion.


  • Without a clear freelance vision to lean on it’s easy to get pulled into different directions and lose focus, motivation and a sense of direction. 
  • It’s therefore crucial for freelancers, who’re responsible for leading their own success, to have a clear freelance vision. 
  • In today’s time of instability especially, our purpose and meaning (our why) is becoming our most valuable asset. Not only is it important for your professional success, but also your personal wellbeing. 
  • Your freelance vision should constantly be on your mind, and all your energy, work and activities should aim to take you closer to your freelance vision. It should be your best friend. 

It’s 20223 – let’s start the year by defining your freelance vision!